Here is a list of the blogs I love and regularly check out.


Joy The Baker: Joy spreads sweet joy. Simple as that. That girl truly rocks!

Green Kitchen Stories: Awe-inspiring veggie food by a beautiful young Scandinavian couple

The First Mess: Beautiful vegetarian recipes

The Sweetest Brunch: My friend Jael’s brunch blog. Expect great German baking and plenty of yummy breakfast inspiration.

Bangkok Glutton: If you’re headed to Bangkok, my friend Chow’s blog is the place to stop by. She’s also written an amazing book about Bangkok street food.

From My Dining Table: my friend Skye’s blog is just too beautiful! Her photos will make your mouth water, while her flavour combinations are just utterly inspiring, A true gem.

Cook Your Dream: Food photographer Sarka’s blog is full of beautiful food and travel shots – expect to be hungry and longing to go travelling.

Poires au Chocolat: Beautiful baking blog by Cambridge-based Emma.

Salt and Smoked Food: I follow Chris on Instagram and I love his bold US flavours. His blog features some of his amazing recipes.

What’s For Lunch Honey: Germany-based Meeta’s lovely blog. She also regularly teaches food photography workshops, so keep an eye out for these if you want to attend such an event.

Stockfood: It may be a photo agency, but Stockfood work with lots of bloggers, who regularly provide beautiful recipes for the Stockfood blog

Sprouted Kitchen: Inspiring veggie recipes and yummy pictures

My new Roots: healthy recipes that will make your mouth water

She Simmers: Great Thai recipes that are easy to recreate with limited ingredient supplies outside of Thailand


Urban Pixxels: My friend Jacintha has been living in London for a year and is constantly on the hunt for cool and yummy places in town. Beautiful photography and great London tips.


Lisbeths Cupcakes & Cookies: Karin’s sweet cakes and bakes are sure to make your mouth water!

Zucker Zimt & Liebe: Jeanny is a superstar amongst German baking bloggers, and one look at her beautiful site makes you understand why!

Fräulein Klein: Beautiful lifestyle inspiration from a Bavaria-based blogger

KüchenDeern: Lovely Jasmin’s pretty food blog


Dietlind Wolf: I was lucky enough to attend a workshop by this amazing German food and prop stylist. Her work is very inspiring!


March 13, 2014



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  1. You add so much delicious and yummy food recipes that really impressive and it will be happened that i browse more and more this site to know about amazing recipes cooking detail. thanks Anne.

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